Best Parks in Birmingham

Birmingham is an important hub for business and commercial activities. This is also one of the English cities that are often the host of many conferences and seminars for large corporations and multinational companies. If you find yourself attending one of these events and you have some extra time on your schedule, then you should not miss a visit to some of England’s most beautiful parks that stretch across large areas in Birmingham.

The Cannon Hill Park is probably the most sought-for relaxation pastime for locals and tourists alike. Situated in the Moseley and Kings Heath neighborhood, this park is an oasis of greenery and tranquility. The central pond is great for boat pedaling, while the nearby alleys are sprinkled with artsy benches, carefully placed underneath the shade of century-old trees. The surrounding area is also famous for its large number of bed and breakfast facilities. So, if you choose to book some accommodation here, you will not only benefit form a beautiful view of the park, but also from a quiet stroll through its alleys.

If you are looking to visit a park that has maintained its bond with nature, then you should go to the Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park. This is the proud host of many species of birds and animals that are kept in well-protected confinements, which have been designed to mimic as much as possible their natural habitat. The Wildlife reserve is located near the Tally-Ho grounds, and it is easy to reach especially if you have reserved a room in a bed and breakfast nearby.

The Lickey Hills Country Park is one of the most visited recreational areas in Birmingham. The young and old generations of locals come together here and enjoy the spectacular presence of nature right in the middle of their hometown. Ask your B&B host to offer you specific directions on how to get there.