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If you want to enjoy the best vacation of your life, you should visit Hawaii accompanied by the most stunning escorts. This area bathed by the Pacific will receive you with calm waters, not too cold, nor too hot, trade winds and a delicious warm climate. From the instant you get off the plane you will be welcomed with a garland made with the most beautiful flowers of the region. Explore the particularities of this culture by discovering the meaning of such special gift.

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    A special gift made with the most exquisite flowers

    When you think of Hawaii, the first thing that probably comes to your mind is a view of paradisiacal beaches and a garland of flowers around your neck. Such necklace made with the loveliest orchids is known by locals as lei. It is considered as the perfect symbol to represent the beauty of this wonderful culture as acquainted escorts will explain you.

    These necklaces can have different meanings. They could constitute a farewell gift, friendship present or a gesture of appreciation among others.

    As your striking escort from https://www.escortdirectory.com/ will tell you, May 1st is celebrated as the day of lei. Therefore, festive activities include the manufacturing and sharing of different types of garlands in a cheerful atmosphere enlivened with music and entertainment, and of course plenty of local food.

    Lei Day is also celebrated in most schools, where the student with the most creative garland is acknowledged with a prize.

    A lei is a very special gift and your spectacular lady from the Escort Directory will tell you that it is an honor for those who receive it for several reasons. This is a gift that undoubtedly stands out for its beauty. However the most remarkable feature is its value as a handmade item which requires great skill and a lot of time.

    A traditional gift made with the most beautiful flowers

    Leis are made with the most beautiful flowers of the region which include lehua, orchid or maile leaves, which are very easy to mold as splendid escorts will tell you. Although nowadays, it is possible to find garlands made with other materials such as feathers, plastic flowers, fabric and paper among others; in summary, everything that can be sewn.

    It is worth to mention that the more difficult it is to find the flower used for the garland, the greater the praise for the one who receives it.

    Your clever escort will inform you that there are different ways of making leis. However, the basics involve tying the center of the flower with the help of a needle to the material and then making the tracings of each petal. Depending on the flower or leaf used for the garland, the artisan will provide it a different shape.

    The manufacturing of this kind of gift requires a lot of patience and a good pulse. Many consider it as a beautiful work, because the creations that emerge from it are very colorful.

    However, in order to produce such marvelous necklaces, the artisan must be meticulous, persevering on his efforts by making each piece without haste as intelligent escorts will tell you. Once you have used the lei, it dries very easily leaving you at the end a beautiful memory.